Jacqueline Sergeant

Senior Escrow Officer

Jacqueline Sergeant has 39 years of escrow experience. As a senior escrow officer, she’s experienced in commercial, residential, businesses, refinances, mobile homes and float homes; she has years of experience in just about any type of real estate transaction.

Jacqueline started in the escrow business in 1982 in Southern California; her mother was a real estate agent and over the years she worked her way up the ladder starting out as a receptionist before taking on several positions, which eventually led to the escrow side of things. She moved to North Idaho in 1996 and continued her work in escrow in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2006 Jacqueline built her house in Idaho and has been loving it here ever since. Outside of work, her passion is dog rescue, but won’t hesitate to rescue any animal that needs help.

As your local escrow expert, Jacqueline looks forward to sharing the knowledge she has learned over the years and is genuinely interested in helping people solve problems.